Arkansas and Mississippi

Our trip back home to Arkansas and Mississippi ran so much more smoothly this year. I have Nintendo DS to thank for that. The planes to and from were actually enjoyable. (The migraine I came home with was actually not the worst I’ve had, although I did keep my little vomit bag close. Turned out to be no need.) Coming home, Seth closed his DS on the last leg of the flight and curled up in his seat. I gave him his back pack to pillow up to. Savannah curled up herself on the drop down tray table. I read Time magazine part of the flight, and rocked Arwen to sleep singing Sinead O’Connor.

The food was actually the stressful part. I’m only miserable if I’ve something to obsess over. And I’ve been obsessing on nitrates and high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated hoolabaloo since we moved to California. It is everywhere! Healthy thinking is very different depending on where you live. I’m mellowing some since getting back to the coast a week ago.

As far as family goes, I kept my mouth shut at just the right time, and opened it at just the right time. I’ve really grown up in that respect. We saw younger cousins we nearly didn’t recognize. One just started kindergarten. One got married. Another joined the Army.

I had my longest run ever in Mississippi. The in-laws live next to a track. I ran Thanksgiving morning. I really didn’t wanna stop, nearly killed my right knee and left foot. My foot still bothers me and couldn’t get on the treadmill ‘til yesterday. For a day I had the knee of an 80 year old. But it still confirmed the need I feel to run outdoors.

You know what I missed about home the most? My F12 button, the one that brings up my widgets. ( I left my laptop in CA.) I use my widget dictionary multiple times a day. And if someone said a word that I questioned, I felt a little finger memory in my right middle finger.

After getting back home, Seth started pre-school and Arwen went to a big girl bed.