Why my Nanowrimo died

My Nanowrimo died early on. But I’m totally okay with that. I was just very happy to have a concrete goal. I still intend to give the book a try, No Plot? No Problem! I’m still stoked.

Choosing November, the novel writing month, to fly to Arkansas and Mississippi for 12 days was some of the problem, but early on I was not happy with what I wrote. It all came out very literal, yet I’ve been living in another universe for some time, and not always Smallville or Firefly. I used to love Gabriel Marquez’s universe, but after reading 7 novels by one man, why read the 8th? though I remember most of it fondly. (Except Innocent Erendira, I think that’s the one that made me feel like retching.) Still, he was mind opening for my creative spirit.

Perhaps I’ll read the plot book and pick my own month, a month when we’re not traveling, maybe before winter’s finished.