I’ll be 32 next month, and I’ve thought here lately that it’s shameful I don’t speak a foreign language. About the time I graduated college, I realized I should’ve studied linguistics. I’ve come across language detail on wikipedia. Just tonight I looked up Welsh. If I could just understand the code, how cool would that be?

We gave Arwen a Welsh name. We don’t come from Wales, nor do we know anyone at all from Wales. We just really loved the name. I’m reading a book by a Welsh author, Fresh Apples by Rachel Tresize. Hence the wiki search. That’s when I realized that I like the underdog languages and feel a need to learn them, Gaelic, Welsh, Yiddish…. (I love the throatyness of Gaelic and, on appearance, Wales’s consonant combinations and the frequent use of the letter “y”. I find people use Yiddish when they’re trying to be amusing, and I like to be amused.)

My problem with learning a language is the impracticality. I tried , but it’s not so helpful with obscure languages. I really don’t believe I’ll ever truly learn a language if I don’t have anyone to use it with. (I’ve tried Spanish and Scottish Gaelic, both on tape.) The most practical 2nd language for me to learn, being in California, is Spanish. I have a friend who speaks it fluently, but she’s a full-time working mother of 3. Hmmm.

Any suggestions? Do I go back to school? That’s a big one.


  1. Vanessa Neupmann
    Posted Tue Jan 16 13:41:35 -0800 2007 |

    Hey Georgia! I don't know if you remember me but I used to work for Dr Porto, the chiropractor, in Bethel, CT? How are you? I just saw the children's pictures! They look wonderful, and so big! Hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. Amber Bray
    Posted Mon Apr 9 06:21:18 -0800 2007 |

    I love and miss you. I have enjoyed your journal and the pictures today. Lost all info to contact you. My new e-mail is (edited out). Email me your # and I cannot wait to talk to you!!!! I pray for you and your sweet family all the time.