Trader Joe’s today

Today in Trader Joe’s, Seth caught me in a yawn. I was tempting myself with those little single serving apple dumplings. Seth said, “I just saw your gold tooth.” Which reminded me that I’m finally finished with the dentist for a while. Because of baby sitting issues, and a pinch of laziness, I let a filling turn into a root canal. After crowning that, my dentist, who is a perfectionist, also gave me a white porcelain crown to replace another gold crown that had gotten damaged. He’s been trying to get me to replace my second gold crown. (But it only showed up in one photo from 3 years ago.)

My dentist likes a perfect smile, and of course, he has a living to make. He’s pitched the teeth whitening, but after my covering what the insurance wouldn’t pay for, I’d much rather pay $15 at Target for whitening strips. Well, I’ve been waiting to do that because I was afraid the dentist would notice I’d gone the layman’s route. I didn’t want to be scolded.

He set my last crown, hopefully forever, two weeks ago. I looked over at him. He pulled his goggles down and whipped out the tooth shaver to give me an even bite. I saw the cord swing around, very Tarantinoesque. I have a lot less tolerance for the dentist. They look at me in the chair, and they seem worried. They can tell I hate it, my face scrunched in a permanent scowl, flinching at those metallic sounds and strange smells. They’re very apologetic.

I like my gold tooth.

I also scratched someone’s car in that rotten Trader Joe’s parking lot. Arrrggh. I left a note though.