Smallville’s intermission


I hadn’t noticed what music added to a scene until it went missing. I think I was only noticing music in movies and television when it was used badly, that is, when it left me feeling manipulated. Surely the sign of a good technique is when the observer doesn’t know it’s there. Smallville has used some sweet songs in its run since 2001. I’m still listening to the Talon and Metropolis mixes. But the last two seasons have had few lyrical songs, few that were memorable. When the technique was finally used again, it’s prior absence was glaringly obvious. Vast’s Don’t Take Your Love Away from Me was beautiful at the end of last week’s Bride, snow falling in the black, Brainiac infested Fortress, with Doomsday carrying his bride to her altar.

I’ve surprised myself how much I enjoy superhero mythology. Although I should’ve seen it coming. My first short story was about time travel. I was 9, and I completely ripped off a book called The Wishing People. Funny that I haven’t felt interest in reading the comic books themselves. Maybe some day.

I find cliffhangers exciting. In the same way that I like waiting for a surprise gift, I don’t mind waiting through the holidays to see what happens next. There can only be so many episodes in a season. Why not spread out the fun? Multiply by however many shows I look forward to each week (about 3), and it comes with a sigh of relief to know that the expectancy leading from one episode to another will just stop. I’ll even forget about it. I’ll write. I’ll bake. The kids and I will plant some bulbs. Tomorrow we share chicken and dressing with giblet gravy and layered banana pudding with friends.