The day they added chocolate to milk

I wonder about the day they added chocolate to milk. That must have been a bright day. I have my daily iced mocha beside me with what’s left of a bar of Scharffen Berger. Yes, chocolate for breakfast works. (A Granny Smith and an IBC root beer do not work.)

I realized several years ago when talking to my friend Marianne that we both consume chocolate on a daily basis. A memorable conversation, I hadn’t realized that on my own. Amy M. says it’s the magnesium, or manganese; I get them mixed up.

The Russians and Germans leave it for Santa Clause instead of plain milk. Now no one can say they’re not thoughtful. In Australia, it’s custom to drink chocolate milk after 8:00 because they used to believe that evil spirits would come and eat all their food. What a sad superstition. Yet so nice that they thought to save the chocolate milk above all else!

Of course, what else could induce slavery but something in such high demand? Although I was disappointed to read that, I should’ve known. I would not’ve guessed that a physician in a white British wig would’ve first put chocolate in his milk. Yet I’m compelled to link you to him. I had a romantic picture in my mind of a Honduran woman, 20 years old but looking 40, working with her farm’s cacao beans two hundred years before the Briton was born. Tired of the same bitter drink, she added a bit to the goat’s milk leftover from her little one’s desayuno. “Mmmm,” she thought. “This needs a bit of raisin water to sweeten it!” I’ll leave you with that picture.