Paper chemistry

Why does one choose an author? With so many writers vying for my precious time, the authors I choose vary greatly, but must have similarities, since they all have me in common. It’s probably just good, simple storytelling. We have chemistry with people we meet, even people we see on television. I can tell right away if I’ll like a comedian. Chemistry reaches from the paper too, between writers and their readers.

I passed Ayn Rand today in Barnes and Noble, well, what’s left of her. There’s one who never grabbed me but only because I once tried reading her philosophy. Obviously a good thinker, her sentence structure and vocabulary was reaching too far above my head. It irked me. What’s the good in that great vocabulary and intellect when a person is obviously only reaching a handful of people? Perhaps we all just write the only way we know how.

Auster’s Man in the Dark was good. Surprisingly uplifting, for a girl who has a soft spot for the elderly (the protagonist). I’d said the mother in me wanted to paint for this author a happier room, but he’s done it himself.