Even when they’re sleeping

…their different personalities come out.

Before I turn in at night, I go between their bedrooms, shutting windows, turning off fans, covering them up. They’re mostly used to it, and whatever commotion I make rarely wakes them.

But when they do “wake”, Savannah moves a bit, tries to sit up, and speaks in a loud, gibberish dream speak. Although her volume works properly, her tongue and throat don’t; always funny. Once, I did make out, “Stop, Seth!”

When Seth rouses a bit, he never says anything but opens his eyes into slits and tries to move his hands and head. He has no control over them so they’re very spastic; also funny.

When Arwen gets woken, she looks at me and says very clearly, “I love you, Mama.” She either raises her arms for a hug or blows a kiss.