More talking!

Arwen, 5 1/2: “Mama? Do gypsies look into the future? And take your money?” I had to think a few seconds about what this child could possibly be talking about. And then I remembered we’d been listening to poetry in the van that night, Langston Hughes. Warmed my heart.

Also that night in the van, Seth said, “I’ve gotta potty, my tooth is loose, and I’ve got a headache!” But he said it so cheerfully! Also, it’s his first loose tooth. Yay! I’d never known him to have a headache before. Turns out, he had a fever, and after he crawled into bed, I couldn’t get him back out of bed to go potty. Brad found Seth in our bathroom about 10:30 p.m. on the toilet, half asleep and babbling. I had to tell him a couple of times to get off the pot.

The next morning, home sick, Seth toggled through our family computer’s stock of wallpaper pointing out his favorites and stopped at a close-up of bamboo. He said, “The sad thing is, people are cutting this bamboo down to make paper, and the panda bears don’t have anything to eat.” Months earlier he had been near tears on his bed because he was told that panda bears have been dying off. I told him he might just work with animals when he grows up, the way he loves him. Y’all should see his top bunk covered with stuffed animals.

About the bamboo paper, I said, “Well that’s a shame, ‘cause you don’t have to make paper out of bamboo. You could make it out of other things. You could probably make it out of soybeans!” Arwen answered, “Yeah, you could make it out of a printer.”


  1. miz_ginevra
    Posted Sun Dec 13 14:03:31 -0800 2009 |

    It's so sweet to hear how much Seth empathizes with animals.

    Out of a printer. Heh. I'll never forget Arwen running up to me at Halloween and saying "guess WHAT? I LOVE YOU."

    Choate Family = awesome.

  2. Georgia
    Posted Sun Dec 13 15:38:53 -0800 2009 |

    Tag. You're awesome!