Apple cider vinegar and honey

I am too old to be assuming that my problems will just go away on their own. In many ways, the Peter Principle is showing up in my own personal growth. I’m not really fouling up operations in the home, but isn’t it easy for stay-at-home-mothers, probably the industry most populated with under-qualified managers, to disguise our more inept days? “Look at what I got done the last two days!” Well, let’s just not highlight what I haven’t done today.

But I’m digressing. Back to my personal growth… For three months I’ve gone to bed queasy. No, not pregnant. I really just thought it would go away, and that’s what stuns me, that I’m thinking like a 19 year old whose decision making sector of the brain hasn’t fully developed.

But a trip back “home” always clears some junked up part of the mind, and this holiday, Mama Burton, Brad’s maternal grandmother, was singing the praises of apple cider vinegar and honey to cure acid reflux. When I got home-home this week, I Googled for symptoms and sure enough, I very likely have some acid reflux, although still mild. The thought of giving up chocolate and caffeine, two big offenders on the list, leaves me pretty dismayed. Going to try the vinegar and honey first. Will update on progress soon.