Gym Data

When I’ve run without music, it’s only because I left home in a hurry and forgot to take my iphone. Then the exercise is surprisingly hard. I get much higher with the music playing and transport myself somewhere else entirely. It’s what makes it easy for me to pretend I’m the only one at the gym, which makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Without music, I can’t stop thinking about what I’ll eat for lunch, at what time into the run that sweat starts to make my elbow pits itch, and how that girl is running on her toes. That’s not good for her knees. Maybe I’ll have a generous piece of lemon bread with lemon curd. That’ll be half my lunch there….

Relying on music means a runner isn’t building any mental discipline. Ever since this idea occurred to me a few years ago, it has felt like a challenge calling out, small…. but big to me. Today was my first effort to run without music. Since following a twitter account that chronicles building more running time, running and walking certain intervals seemed like the right distraction from how looong it takes for lunch to get here, even though I just had almonds in the van.

I didn’t miss the music today. I did well, until my 3rd little jog, I took off my sweaty glasses and suddenly felt no focus, literally. Without being able to visually focus on SOMEthing easily, my body began wavering in it’s gait and rhythm. I began subtly “flailing.” My eyes found a cupholder on a machine in front of me, and I was able to run more steadily. Next run, contact lenses.

25 minutes total: 3 min warm up. Jog 3 at 5mph/Walk 3 at 4mph. Repeat cycle and jog at 5.2 mph, then 5.4 mph. Last walk I put the incline on 4. On the cool down, I slowed to 3mph. After, I like stretching my calves by placing one foot on the end of the treadmill, dipping my heal below the edge then standing up on my toes, several times. Feels good.

I came home to stretch, ‘cause I’m too self-concious to do that at the gym. At home, I do some yoga stretching, then I take my time getting into the splits (front and side.) My left leg is still notably favored in the front split. I should post a photo of Seth in the side split. I don’t know where he gets it.