Great burgers and trying not to move too much

We grilled today. Adding water to the meat makes a great burger. But of all days, the high is right now, 101, and above 100 for 2 more days. It’s nice to see the forecast for the rest of the week dropping into the upper 90s, although not all that nice. I get headaches in the heat. It was worse in Arkansas. I remember the first two weeks of heat were the worst. Somehow we adjusted. And running errands was always met by a 2 hour nap afterwards. We lived indoors then, as well as in Austin. Winters were nice though. That’s when I went out, hiking, to the park, taking photographs.

I dread really hot days. We haven’t had central air conditioning since 1999 in Austin, TX. In heat waves, it doesn’t cool off at night, which is really when you miss the AC. We find ourselves at the grocery store when we’re really too tired to be going out, looking for something cold, looking to cut the boredom from trying to be still.